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The 8th UEFA European Under-19 Football Championship Classic.

In one year, the UEFA U-19 Football Championship held many interesting matches, without missing anything. As the qualifying competition has been held from 2 October 2008 to 27 November 2008, the Classic phase is scheduled to start on 1 March 2009 (Sunday), and last until 31 May 2009 (Sunday). The qualifiers were divided into 7 groups, each with 4 teams, 28 players fiercely competing for the final.

The first group of the competition will be held in Serbia on 12, 14 and 17 May 2009.

The four teams participating in this group include the Serbian team, which will serve as the home team against Hungary, Finland and Austria. Serbia had a stable performance in qualifying, scoring 3, 5 and 4 points in 3 matches. The Hungarian team did nothing wrong in one game against San Marino and scored 6 points. In the other two matches, they only won 1 point and 0 points. Finland and Austria are almost the same. The Finnish team has scored 2, 0 and 3 in the last three matches, and the Austrian team has scored 2, 3 and 1 waves. The home team is very likely to be the team with the highest score in this group and advance to the final stage-group stage.

The second match of the group stage will be held in Slovenia.

Slovenia will host this group, against Russia, the Netherlands and Belarus. The competition will be held on 4, 6 and 9 June 2009. So far, the toughest competitors in this group are the Netherlands, followed by Slovenia and Russia. The team from Belarus is the team with the lowest score in this group.
The Portuguese team will host the third group and will play against Turkey, Greece and Denmark on 23, 25 and 28 May 2009. Turkey leads the group among four football clubs, followed by Portugal, then Greece and Denmark.

Switzerland, Ireland and Sweden will play their fourth group game with hosts Belgium on 5, 7 and 10 June 2009. Sweden and Belgium are the strongest teams in this group, and the Irish team have scored the fewest goals. The match between the home team and the Swedish team is sure to be an interesting one.

Team France is hosting the fifth group match against Romania, Norway and Latvia on 18, 20 and 23 May 2009. Team France is the player with the highest score in this group and scored 9 points in qualifying. Romania followed closely, Norway and Latvia scored the lowest.

The sixth group matches will be hosted by the English team on 27, 29 May and 1 June 2009. The three other teams participating in this group include Scotland, Slovakia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although Scotland lead the group with the highest points, England have had a steady performance in qualifying. Compared to the home team and the Scottish team, the Slovak team and the Bosnia and Herzegovina team scored less, so they might not participate in the next round.
The final group stage of the Football Championship will be held in Estonia on 21, 23 and 26 May 2009. Other teams participating in this competition include Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic.

The Classic Tournament will determine the winning team to participate in the final group stage which will be held from 21 July to 27 July 2009. The semifinals of this annual event will be held on 30 July 2009, and the finals will be held on 2 August 2009 (Sunday).


U8 soccer training.

A soccer coach is like a school teacher, but the goal is not to use theoretical information, but to use what students are trying to get. There are many advantages to working with children. When you see glowing eyes, when you throw waves and tell them to do a fun exercise, it really gives you a sense of accomplishment.

But at the same time, trying to practice through children’s football can be very frustrating, especially since children lack understanding and concentration skills as adults or adolescents (children use their enthusiasm, energy and ability to learn faster. to make up for this deficiency.). ).

So, if you are looking for u8 for some football games, the first thing you should know is, what you do should be “fun”. What your child knows through fun may differ from the team’s, so it’s your job to see what they want to do.

You cannot explain soccer training to young children like adults.

You can’t just talk about your 5 laps of course, without some motivation to have fun. Otherwise, you are risking the fun of losing training and quitting football.

When you ask an adult about 5 laps, you can talk about stamina, condition, etc. Then a child will enter through one ear, and then leave through the other ear. So try to make things look like a game.

If you need them to run 5 laps, create some kind of interesting coaching game, or just give them a reward, give them some soccer practice that involves kicking (it doesn’t matter, if it’s a half-time game, a few short passes or about 5 vs. 2 sets As long as your soccer practice involves the ball, kids will love it).

In U8 football coaching, another big problem that you will worry about is not taking the joy of training.

If you organize two teams, drop the wave in the middle, and play football, the kids will rush over there and kick it in chaos. There would be no defender, attacker or not, it was just a bunch of kids having fun.

Obviously, that’s not good, because you want to inject some sense of organization and tactics, even based on age. But if you just tell them bluntly to stay behind, or not to dribble, you just have to take the fun and you have to take it. What you need to do, again, around the reward system can help you understand and understand whether you want them to sit down, or not to do that.

Rewards shouldn’t be anything. Even if you congratulate your people, when they try to listen to your requests it is enough to reward them. You will quickly see that he works harder and respects your request, not because you insist on him, but because he is fighting for congratulations on your near “good job.


What’s the champion?

The athletes among me define a champion as the person or team that wins. Beat the competition. The sides are the best. At least I saw him before. Until I went from being an athlete to a coach, from a jogger to a marathon runner.

When you hear the word Wandering Champion Wandering, what image do you think of?

My athletes meet Olympic gold medalists. Or a World Series winner. Or the state championship team.

Are You a Leader or a Champion?

In other words, my athletes see someone or a team winning and experience the heady feeling of beating the competition. Be the best.

At least I saw him before. Until I went from being an athlete to a coach, from a jogger to a marathon runner.

When I started coaching high school softball, I saw a team of athletes and I wanted to turn them into champions. For me, it means to beat the competition. Win the game.

What is Champion Race?

But I have a problem. I think of them as athletes, and athletes who want to be pushed to the limit to win games. So I pushed him. Qu Yu fought back. Because I don’t need time to figure out what it is. I don’t need time to find out that he wants to finish the season.

It was a frustrating, tragic and tight defeat at the end of the season. I decided not to even want to train.

Some girls are not champions, because I don’t know if they are champions.

I left high school to teach for two years.

During this time, I ran a marathon.

Deciding to run a marathon was difficult, because I knew that at Schaefer’s super slow pace, I had no chance of winning. Not. Why do I want to participate in events where my chances of winning are zero? I wanted to run away and say nothing. Because I want to be a champion. I want to win.

Then at the end of one of my training sessions, it hit me. I don’t compete with other players. I compete with me. As long as I finish the marathon, I’ll beat me. Because the distance is 26.2 miles longer than I have ever walked before. Because it’s my dream.

Therefore, a champion is a person who pursues a dream, goal or goal, no matter how big or small it is. A champion is someone who focuses on the process of becoming a winner, not the actual winning process.

What a prize for your athlete!

And the lifestyle of family members is more active. If you have someone in your life and have some thoughts, it will be Christmas. Rewards for athletes not only help, but also show that you care about and support their active lifestyle. A great place to start is knowing what kind of sport your athlete is.
Running is one of the most popular sports. The reason is that only one can do it. All you need to be a runner is wearing a good pair of shoes and some pullovers. Of course, you can go to the same gadget as Xiling Yier, but the basic knowledge is the same. Researching which shoes are best for your athlete’s type of running is a great start.

What is an athletic award?

Even though golf isn’t a sport for everyone in April, all golfers love to get their hands on the equipment and help improve their game. Buying golf equipment in winter is a great idea, and when you consider all the offers, you will get it! For example, the family golf course is a winter gift for golfers. This allows them to fly at night to travel to the driving range and practice their swing in their own backyard! Some of the other great golf needs should be considered a golf ball, golf ball, or a pair of golf shoes!

If your player is only football, there is no doubt that you will want to play your own football (if you don’t have it)! Apart from good soccer, you may also want to consider some soccer equipment, such as the same Shirt shoe, not to mention calf pads!

For real American sports, there are many baseball fans who choose different titles.

Items like Louisville Slug bats and baseball rollins and gloves are a must-eat this year! Don’t remember high socks and splints!

Lastly, basketball. Since basketball was included in the Olympics in the 1930s, it has caused a worldwide sensation. If your athlete is a basketball fan, then you’ll want to make sure they have their own basketball set up somewhere around the house. The most important thing is to make sure that they are of good quality to keep an eye on basketball. Of course, you can’t forget Air Jordan!

So, really, no matter what sport your athlete plays, there are tons of ideas for gifts to athletes, if you take the time to really browse sporting goods in any store, you’re shopping! Happy shopping!