Touchdowns are important in football scoring.

Every time an offence gains possession of the ball, the most important goal is to score a touchdown as quickly as possible. To score a touchdown, a player must either carry the ball beyond the goal line of the opposing team or collect a pass in the end zone of the opponent. A touchdown is scored when the ball crosses the plane of the goal line when it is in the possession of a player while it is in the air. Six points are awarded for a touchdown.


The team that scores a touchdown is given the opportunity to try to score an additional one or two points. Extra point conversion efforts are what these are referred to as. If a team chooses to try for two extra points, they will line up at the two-yard line and make one effort to get the ball into the end zone, either by running or passing it. If they make it, they will receive two points for their efforts. If they do not, they will not receive any further points. Also available to them is the option of attempting to score just one more point by kicking the ball through the goal posts while snapping it from the 2-yard line.

Goals on the field

Attempting to kick a field goal is another technique for a team to score a goal. A team will often attempt a field goal on fourth down if it believes they are close enough for their kicker to kick the football between the upright bars of the goal post in the opposing team’s end zone. When a team finds themselves in a fourth-down situation, they will often try to convert the situation by kicking a field goal. Three points are awarded for a field goal.


An opponent who is in possession of the ball in his own end zone can also be tackled and earn two points for his team. This is referred to as a safety.

Kicking a Ball in the Fair Catch

The fair-catch kick, which is rarely utilised in football, is perhaps the most unusual way to score a goal. As long as the opposing team does not fair catch a punt from their own team, that team has the option to attempt a field goal on a free kick on the very next play from their own team’s punt fielding location. Like a conventional field goal, the ball is kicked off the ground with help from the holder. It is worth three points, much like a normal field goal. There is no set time limit for the downtime.
  • To sum it all up: A touchdown is worth six points. Extra Point Conversion equals one additional point. Two-Point Conversion is equal to two points. 3 points if you make a field goal. 2 points are awarded for safety.